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For Halloween I dressed as Mayhem – the Allstate Insurance company metaphorical character for any disaster.

You’ve seen the commercials.


I was the only one who dressed in costume at the office! And posted that to Facebook and also entered the Allstate Mayhem contest by tagging my pic with #Mayhem4Halloween.


When trick-or-treating with our kid and at parties that evening, people seemed to like my look.

Next week Allstate asked if they could use Mayhem pic for their profile – I had won. Fun. I said YES!



So my pic became the Facebook profile pic for Mayhem.

AND IT CAUSED MAYHEM with Mayhem fans!
350+ 600+ comments (and counting) in the first five-hours.

The comments are precious. Some of my favorites….

“Whoa whoa! Who’s the new guy? Bring back Mayhem!”

“No No No! Bring back the original guy”

“Where’s the hottie?”

“That’s not Mayhem … POSER!”

“I want my Mayhem back! Who is this imposter?”

(new) “Shut up we hate you bring back mayhem!”

(new) “Stupid the real mayhem is far sexier and hotter and just better than you.”

(new)  “Real mayhem…fake sux.”

“I’m un liking this page. dumbest thing in the world=replacing Dean with this dumbass. I’m out”

…and clearly the best……

“What happen to Mayhem? This guy is like Mayhem’s ugly little brother…”

Clearly, many people think I replaced Dean Winters as Mayhem. I accept!

Lucid acquired by 8fold

I’m happy to announce that Lucid Marketing has been acquired by another more-wonderful marketing agency, 8fold Integrated Creative Works in Morristown, N.J. 8fold is run by Jennifer LoBianco, who I’ve known for over a decade, and Brad Leszczynski. They are a pair of dynamic marketers with a strong team and notable client experience.

8fold acquires lucidThey saw value in the assets and reputation Lucid created, and made me an offer, as they say, I could not refuse. I’m excited to be handing the reigns over to them. They bring their own experience, new talent and a fresh perspective. The past few months have involved me sharing with them what I’ve learned, Lucid processes and creating a seamless integration.

The timing was serendipitous, as many of you know, I’ve been spending my time on creating

For the past 15-years I’ve had the honor of working with many wonderful companies and the people employed by them. There were hits & misses, nonetheless we were “in the game” together. I am thankful for that opportunity!

Who Named

After a few meetings with Neil, Greg F, Galen and Pete I came to believe that the idea to match people based on a personality traits collected in an analytical manner would either change the world of how people find their spouse or it would die quickly. Frankly, I had no idea which was more likely.

My task was to recruit happily married couples and ones who divorced, and collect survey data on hundreds of their behavior and personality traits. I built a web-based survey and needed a URL host the survey. I didn’t want to use my marketing company URL as it might influence how people responded. Instead, I decided to try to come up with a new URL and name for the entity. Since it was 1998, many new Internet companies were being named “i” or “e” For several days, I floated different names around in my head and bounced them off my wife. There were a few that I liked, but none nearly as much as the one that came to me while driving past a local children’s pre-school. That school was named, The Harmony School, and at that instant, I felt I had a name that could last as a brand and represented the long term mission as I understood it. Today, thanks to the great work by the people who run the company, the name seems to resonate with people and have staying power.

Years later, I heard that when the business was really starting to take off, management felt it was time to establish the ‘big boy’ name for the company. A branding consultancy was hired. People were brought into focus group rooms and new names were tested out on them. The results came back, and it wasn’t even close, their unequivocal favorite was

Google getting a lot better at marketing

Google marketing efforts used to be pretty weak. Often, for certain products, it seem like there was not at all. And the way their Search product grew, who needs marketing anyway. Well, many of their other products do. And they really seem to be finding their legs on how to communicate. Google has some of the best technology, but now they seem to understand that features don’t connect with a mass audience. Only messages that are built on emotion do.