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For Halloween I dressed as Mayhem – the Allstate Insurance company metaphorical character for any disaster.

You’ve seen the commercials.


I was the only one who dressed in costume at the office! And posted that to Facebook and also entered the Allstate Mayhem contest by tagging my pic with #Mayhem4Halloween.


When trick-or-treating with our kid and at parties that evening, people seemed to like my look.

Next week Allstate asked if they could use Mayhem pic for their profile – I had won. Fun. I said YES!



So my pic became the Facebook profile pic for Mayhem.

AND IT CAUSED MAYHEM with Mayhem fans!
350+ 600+ comments (and counting) in the first five-hours.

The comments are precious. Some of my favorites….

“Whoa whoa! Who’s the new guy? Bring back Mayhem!”

“No No No! Bring back the original guy”

“Where’s the hottie?”

“That’s not Mayhem … POSER!”

“I want my Mayhem back! Who is this imposter?”

(new) “Shut up we hate you bring back mayhem!”

(new) “Stupid the real mayhem is far sexier and hotter and just better than you.”

(new)  “Real mayhem…fake sux.”

“I’m un liking this page. dumbest thing in the world=replacing Dean with this dumbass. I’m out”

…and clearly the best……

“What happen to Mayhem? This guy is like Mayhem’s ugly little brother…”

Clearly, many people think I replaced Dean Winters as Mayhem. I accept!

Meniscus Surgery or Not?

Meniscus-Surgery-or-Not3-years ago I hurt my knee left knee. I don’t know how I did it. One day I just started experiencing swelling and pain when making lateral movements. It was disappointing because I’d never had an any kind of knee pain; plenty of ankle and shoulder issues, but the knees had been solid.

The orthopedist, after an MRI, diagnosed a torn meniscus and recommended surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure. I took the advice and we scheduled the operation.

The surgery was no fun, and my body didn’t react well to the general anesthesia, but I got through fine enough and home the same day. After that there is the obviously required recovery.

I know plenty of 40+year olds who have had meniscus surgery and recovered quickly – most just a few weeks. Mine took longer. I don’t know why, as I understand the recovery process and familiar with regular exercise. It wasn’t until a year later when I finally felt my knee was back to normal strength. Okay, maybe I’m a slow healer, but I got there!

A year later, my other (right) knee began to hurt and swell under all too familiar conditions! Ugh. Again, I don’t know how or why.  I seem to be falling apart, rapidly.

I return to the orthopedist. We conclude that it is also a torn meniscus and then have a long conversation about healing without surgery. He gives me the slightest bit of hope that I might be able to do it without the surgical procedure. That was enough for me!

For the next 10-months I do the same rehab protocol that was prescribed for my left knee, but this time on my right. I was my own mini (flawed) control vs. test case experiment.

Fast-forward to today; On occasion, I can for a moment get confused as to which had surgery. They both feel the same. I can play full-court basketball against 20 year olds, carry my golf clubs for 18-holes, ice skate and this winter we’re going skiing.

This personal experience made for reading the Wall Street Journal article, “Fake Knee Surgery as Good as Real Procedure, Study Finds” all that more interesting.

Lucid acquired by 8fold

I’m happy to announce that Lucid Marketing has been acquired by another more-wonderful marketing agency, 8fold Integrated Creative Works in Morristown, N.J. 8fold is run by Jennifer LoBianco, who I’ve known for over a decade, and Brad Leszczynski. They are a pair of dynamic marketers with a strong team and notable client experience.

8fold acquires lucidThey saw value in the assets and reputation Lucid created, and made me an offer, as they say, I could not refuse. I’m excited to be handing the reigns over to them. They bring their own experience, new talent and a fresh perspective. The past few months have involved me sharing with them what I’ve learned, Lucid processes and creating a seamless integration.

The timing was serendipitous, as many of you know, I’ve been spending my time on creating WholesomeOne.com.

For the past 15-years I’ve had the honor of working with many wonderful companies and the people employed by them. There were hits & misses, nonetheless we were “in the game” together. I am thankful for that opportunity!