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Our prices are insane!

Exclusive Coupon Code: “KBFriend30” Gets you 30% off any purchase! Share it with your friends. Some product categories that might be of interest: Multivitamins, Children’s Vitamins, Fish Oil, Probiotics, Aromatherapy Diffuser, Homeopathic Cold Remedies, Yoga Starter Kits . Our regular prices with 30% off + free shipping makes for a great deal! Feeling a bit like Crazy Eddie? Anyway at checkout, coupon code: “KBFriend30” […]

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For Halloween I dressed as Mayhem – the Allstate Insurance company metaphorical character for any disaster. You’ve seen the commercials.   I was the only one who dressed in costume at the office! And posted that to Facebook and also entered the Allstate Mayhem contest by tagging my pic with #Mayhem4Halloween. When trick-or-treating with our kid and at […]

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How Google Works

Looks like two of the top ex-Google guys (ex-CEO & former SVP of Products) have a new book, How Google Works. I learned about it from viewing this ‘How Google Works’ Slides PDF. It is brilliant. So simple, concise and well-designed. Less than 5-minutes needed. Check it out. Share with friends.


Meniscus Surgery or Not?

3-years ago I hurt my knee left knee. I don’t know how I did it. One day I just started experiencing swelling and pain when making lateral movements. It was disappointing because I’d never had an any kind of knee pain; plenty of ankle and shoulder issues, but the knees had been solid. The orthopedist, […]

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Lucid acquired by 8fold

I’m happy to announce that Lucid Marketing has been acquired by another more-wonderful marketing agency, 8fold Integrated Creative Works in Morristown, N.J. 8fold is run by Jennifer LoBianco, who I’ve known for over a decade, and Brad Leszczynski. They are a pair of dynamic marketers with a strong team and notable client experience. They saw […]