I am the founder and ceo of WholesomeOne. WholesomeOne is a guide holistic health. WholesomeOne helps people find holistic ways to heal from pain and experience good health. Find holistic therapies according to your specific health condition. Shop for holistic health and natural products to promote your personal wellness.

My first company, Lucid Marketing helps marketers create and implement custom word-of-mouth marketing programs that connect brands with moms. Lucid was acquired by 8fold Integrated Creative Services in May 2013. Lucid provided marketing services to innovative companies such as Disney, AOL, eHarmony, Boiron, Meridian Heath and many others. MomsWhoBlog.com, is a Lucid project created to showcase the activities of mothers who are active in social media. It was also acquired by 8fold.

I’ve been married to my spectacular wife, Michele, for over 15-years. We have two beautiful children, Erin and Conor, and two dogs, who all keep each other continually entertained and young at heart.

I earned a bachelor of science degree in marketing and minor in information systems from the University of Delaware. I’ve spoken at the Marketing to Moms Conference, Parent Publishers of America, KidScreen Summit, Word of Mouth Marketing Association, Association of Interactive Marketers, Association of National Advertisers, Association of Advertising Agencies, Couture Jewelry Collection and more.

Connect with me on Twitter @kb33 or call 609-208-2150.