For Halloween I dressed as Mayhem – the Allstate Insurance company metaphorical character for any disaster.

You’ve seen the commercials.


I was the only one who dressed in costume at the office! And posted that to Facebook and also entered the Allstate Mayhem contest by tagging my pic with #Mayhem4Halloween.


When trick-or-treating with our kid and at parties that evening, people seemed to like my look.

Next week Allstate asked if they could use Mayhem pic for their profile – I had won. Fun. I said YES!



So my pic became the Facebook profile pic for Mayhem.

AND IT CAUSED MAYHEM with Mayhem fans!
350+ 600+ comments (and counting) in the first five-hours.

The comments are precious. Some of my favorites….

“Whoa whoa! Who’s the new guy? Bring back Mayhem!”

“No No No! Bring back the original guy”

“Where’s the hottie?”

“That’s not Mayhem … POSER!”

“I want my Mayhem back! Who is this imposter?”

(new) “Shut up we hate you bring back mayhem!”

(new) “Stupid the real mayhem is far sexier and hotter and just better than you.”

(new)  “Real mayhem…fake sux.”

“I’m un liking this page. dumbest thing in the world=replacing Dean with this dumbass. I’m out”

…and clearly the best……

“What happen to Mayhem? This guy is like Mayhem’s ugly little brother…”

Clearly, many people think I replaced Dean Winters as Mayhem. I accept!