Launch of WholesomeOne with Gratitude

WholesomeOne_logo300pxThis month I rolled out my new business venture, The web site helps people find holistic ways to heal from pain and experience good health.

I believe that many people have become distrustful of the pharmaceutical industry. And they are frustrated with the care their typical medical doctor offers. At the same time, they’ve heard about natural options through alternative medicine and holistic health. Figuring out what to try, how and where to start is difficult – until now. WholesomeOne is a Guide to Holistic Health.

It’s currently in a very ‘lean’ state, but over time, features will be added and it’s value improved.

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To help be kick-start the site, many friends and family were very generous. I can’t thank them enough, and I want to let you know who they are. They each helped by making a financial contribution that I applied to web site design, programming, mobile technology, legal work, and health content.

GREAT thanks and gratitude goes to:

Al Torres

Amy & Shawn McCrea

Brian O’Neill

David Ellison

Dawn & Joe Costantini

Dean Faith

Edward Shlikas

Hugh Napier

Jennifer & Pat Tierney

Joanne & Rick Ramirez

John King

Judy Ferri

Kat Gordon

Kathy Burke

Lisa & Brian Jacoby

Lynn & Eric Oettl

Maria Lucas

Mark Valva

Maureen Madigan

Jennifer & Michael Sunderland

Robin & Jamie Ford

Amy & Sabrin Dutta

Shelley & Brian Stagnitti

Taryn Duffy

Virginia & Joe Burke


Thank you all!