What did we search for in 2011? Google tells us.

Google has assembled the most popular and the fastest rising terms—the terms with the highest growth in 2011—in many, many categories.

Lots of surprise for me. That being said, I’m not exactly ‘Mr. Pop Culture’. But to find out that Rebecca Black was the #1 fastest rising query globally was disappointing.

Here’s a sample of the categories.

USA – Sports / Fastest Rising in Sports
1. Mayweather Vs Ortiz
2. NCAA Bracket 2011
3. Dan Wheldon

USA – Sports / Athletes
1. Manny Pacquiao
2. Tiger Woods
3. Lebron James

USA – Lifestyle / Fastest Rising Workouts

1. Thor Workout
2. Ryan Gosling Workout
3. Chris Hemsworth Workout

USA – Lifestyle / Fastest Rising Diets

1. Dukan Diet
2. Four Hour Diet
3. 17 Days Diet

USA – Tech & Gadgets / Fastest Rising Technology
1. iCloud
2. OSX Lion
3. Ipad 2

More can be found on Google Zeitgeist.